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Jamboree On The Air in 1998

--- JOTA at Scouting Hoogerheide----

Jota page PA3FVI/J 1998

To give you an impression of the JOTA in 1998 we took some pictures. As you can see , it was a nice weekend. Every year is a little bit better and we learn how to do things better next year. This year we where active with a lot of different element like :
* A HF-station for the 80 meter amateurband
* A station with speech for the 2-meter amateurband
* A 23-cm Amateur televisiontransmitter
* A 70-cm packet-radio station
* A CB packet-radiio station
* Internet
* A tinkercorner for the scouts

At the left the radio-amateur crew during a coffiebreak and at the right the organizer of the Jota.

The amateur stations for 80 Meters and 70 centimeters

Our antenna ... Luckely there was someone who could manage this antenna.
It is an ideal peace of equipment, shift it out and you are in the air.
On saturday morning we had bad luck.The antenna broke down while in QSO with Ben (PA3DWE) in Bergen op Zoom.
But with a shorter antenna we could go on.

The 23 cm ATV station

A couple of visitors and scout's.