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Fox hunt transmitter for the 2 meter amateurband

This is a foxhunttransmitter for the 2 meter band.
The transmitter in AM modulated with a sirene of alarm signals or by morse code from a PIC processor.
The PIC processor can also be used to switch the transmitter on or set the tones.
Without PIC processor continious sounds are transmitted.

Some data:
Powersupply: 3 to 5 V
Frequency range : 144 - 146MHz , determined by the crystal
Modulation : AM
Bandwidth: about 20kHz
Output power: 0dbm or 10dBm
Options: PIC processor does the extras

Het PCB is on arder
Diagram of the transmitter:

3D drawing of the transmitter:

C3,C8,C10,C14,C15,C1622pf SMD 0603
C4,C7,C12,C1347nf SMD 0805
C5,C6,C9,C11100pf SMD 0603
C17 20pf THT 7.5mm optional
R3 1kΩ SMD 0805
R7,R11 47Ω SMD 0805
R6,R10 330Ω SMD 0805
R4,R5,R8,R9 10kΩ SMD 0805
L1,L2,L6 1μH SMD 0805
L3,L7 4 wind 4mm diam THT home made of 0.6mm wire
L4 4 wind 4mm diam THT home made, tap at wind
TS3 BC547/BC548/BC549SMD SOT23
Q1 TX freq/4 HC49U Can be ordered at museum in Budel NLD
X1 Header 2x6pin THT
X2 Header 2pin THT
IC1 PIC12F675 THT DIP8 this is an option
IC2 KD9561 6pin

A desciption how to build the PCB in Dutch: